In 2023 there are two primary ways to invest in calm companies

  1. Investing as a Limited Partner (LP) in Calm Company Fund IV with a quarterly subscription
  2. Investing directly in our Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) that we establish deal by deal.

Calm Company Fund IV

This is our fourth fund focused on our core strategy investing early stage in calm companies. The target fund size is $10m which will be invested over 4 quarters beginning 1 April 2023.

Investing in the fund is done via a quarterly subscription with the minimum commitment of $10k/quarter for 4 quarters. Premium LP subscriptions start at $50k/quarter (more info below).

The fund charges 1.25% annual management fees (charged for 10 years upfront) and 20% carried interest on profits once investors receive 1x their full investment amount back.

We expect each fund to do 15-30 investments with a typical investment size of $200-500k

Premium LP Subscription to Fund IV

Investors subscribing for $50k/quarter or more receive Premium status. In the core fund this reduces fees and carry to 0.75% annual management fee and 15% carried interest. It also reduces the fees and carry on all SPV investments during the fund period. See chart below.

Calm Company Catalyst (SPV Investments)

Read Tyler’s memo re: Calm Company Catalyst here.

In addition to doing our core early stage investments via our fund, we will be bringing a variety of deals for direct investment to our investor community this year. These will be opportunistic in nature, but backed by our strategic assessment of the market and leveraging the same thesis, dealflow, sourcing, vetting, expertise, and process automations we use for our core investing.

In terms of strategy, SPV opportunities will augment our core fund with: