*-Finance, Operations teams

UPDATE: We've been inundated with great applicants! While the role is not yet filled, we're not accepting new applications at this time.

We've got an exciting full-time, W-2 salaried job opening for a Portfolio Operations Manager at the Calm Company Fund.

About us

Calm Company Fund is an early-stage investor in software and software-enabled companies. We're a team of founders and makers focused on funding entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable, profitable businesses. Calm Company Fund created the Shared Earnings Agreement (the "SEAL") for more founder-aligned terms on which to build a business. Since our launch, we've invested in 40+ startups with two portfolio exits.

We believe:

Are you excited by the prospect of changing the norms of startup investing and venture capital? Do you love supporting founders by meeting them where they are and lending a helping hand? Want to have a unique inside-look at how a venture fund and operating company works? If so, this might just be the role for you.

Now let's answer some questions you might have👇

Who will I be joining?

We're currently a group of 7 people (and growing), all fully distributed since our first investment in 2019. We're big believers in remote work and have invested in many companies that drive this vision forward like Callingly, Yac, and FirstBase, to name a few.

You'll work most closely with, and report to, Matt (Head of Finance & Operations), though you'll definitely be collaborating with the entire team.

What will I be doing as Portfolio Operations Manager?

Here's what we'll expect:

  1. You'll support our Head of Finance & Operations with day-to-day operations. Specifically, you'll ****be responsible for managing our quarterly Shared Earnings & financial reporting process, analyzing portfolio company financials to identify and communicate insights across the portfolio, and providing overall finance & operations support to the team. We have a world-class fund administration team who runs our back office that you'll likely work closely with.

  2. You'll talk to our Limited Partners/Investors and help level up our investor relations efforts.

    We have a large base of Limited Partners (in our funds) and investors (in our management company) that we communicate with regularly. We'd like to improve how we stay in touch with our LPs/investors. This is ideally more than ho-hum monthly reports and updates — we have a ton of very smart folks in our ecosystem that add value to everything we do.

  3. You'll serve as a valuable resource to our founders. You'll work with our founders who are looking to us to support them with key needs, you'll be there as a resource to help answer their questions, connect dots across the portfolio, and bring new insights to the table.

  4. You will not be limited to just your role's responsibilities. Everyone at the Calm Company Fund acts as a founder. You'll be able and expected to take what you are hearing on the front lines and collaborate with our product team to deliver new features and improvements to our platform and processes.